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How to Dress Your Bed Like a Pro

In this fast-paced life we all need a place to unwind, relax and get a good night’s rest. The way in which a bedroom is decorated can have an effect on the quality of sleep one gets and this is why decor and styling is such an important aspect to consider. The most important aspect is however the bed and how it is presented. A bed should be your sanctuary. Here are a few tips how you can transform your bed and experience thereof.

The principles of Feng Shui dictate that the headboard stands for stability and protection. It also gives the sense of security and support whilst also making the bed the focal point of the room.

Typically, one would buy a mattress topper to protect the mattress from wear and tear, however a mattress topper also aids in making your bed more comfortable. There are different thicknesses available made from various types of materials, the choice comes down to personal preference so it is advised that you try a few out before taking the leap and buying one.

Generally, one would need
• 80cm x 80cm continental pillows
• 45cm x 70cm standard pillows
• Smaller accent pillows
• A fluffy duvet
• Fitted sheet
• Flat sheet
• Throw

When buying these items, it is easiest to find a duvet set with a pattern/colour scheme which you like and then choose the rest of the elements to compliment it. Pick two or three solid colours from the pattern to use for your accent pillows, flat sheets, fitted sheets and the throw. Remember to play around with textures between the different elements and that you don’t necessarily have to use a patterned duvet set but can easily rather bring a simple pattern in on either the accent pillows or the throw. One of these colours can also be used for a few décor items within the room to bind it together.

Continental pillows (80cm x 80cm), usually in a white or ivory as it acts as a blank canvas, are placed against the headboard, followed by the standard size pillows which are covered with the same colour or pattern as the duvet cover. These are followed with the accent pillows of which only one or two are necessary.

Have fun layering these elements, colours and textures to prevent the look from dating. It is now time to step back and admire as well as enjoy your newly transformed bed.

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