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Memory Foam Gel Contour Cooling Pillow


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HouzeComfort Comfortable Spine Align Contour Pillow for a Natural Cool Restful Sleep

COOLING GEL TECHNOLOGY: The main advantage of the HouzeComfort Gel Contour Pillow is the covered cooling gel pad that is specifically formulated to react to the sleeper’s body. This surface is not only cooler than conventional molded foam, but also optimizes airflow.

CONTOURING MEMORY FOAM: Being carefully constructed with pressure-sensitive memory foam this durable pillow conforms to the contours of both your neck and shoulders. The super responsive design adjusts gently to every movement, keeping your spine correctly aligned throughout the night, thereby reducing neck pain.

YOUR CUSTOMISED PILLOW: An investment in a Memory Foam Gel Contouring pillow will change the way you sleep. The molded memory foam around your head and necks curvature will provide you with optimal support, tailored to your individual needs. Wake up refreshed, energized and ready to make the most out of your waking hours – all thanks to this simple, yet incredibly effective change in your sleeping habits.

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