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Premium Artificial Gardenia Hedge Wall Planter Panels


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HouzeComfort Premium Artificial Gardenia Instant Hedge Wall Foliage Planter Panels

Realistic and Thick Artificial Hedge
The HouzeComfort Artificial Gardenia Hedge Panels have all the beauty and benefits of living plants, but with no maintenance and the flexibility to install almost anywhere. The 50cm x 50 cm UV-protected panels easily clip together and can be used indoors or outdoors.

For Indoor and Outdoor Applications
Perfect for adding privacy to an outdoor patio area, aesthetically enhance your area with a realistic look to beautify and transform your fence, walls, patio, garden, yard, walkways, backdrop, interior and exterior or your own creative design on the party, Wedding, Christmas decorations.

Our artificial boxwood topiary hedge plants are UV-proof, weather-resistant, low-maintenance, and eco-friendly and these greenery panels are made of lightweight yet super-strong high-density polyethene that’s soft to the touch.

Easy Installation
Each panel features interlocking connectors for easy do-it-yourself installation. You also could use scissors to cut, fit and shape any space.

What’s in the box

  • 12 x Hedge Panels (50x50cm)
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