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Update your home décor with artificial plants

One of the best ways to turn your house into a home is by adding splashes of greenery. We’re quite obsessed with a home that’s full of green plants. But taking care of all the plants can be quite hard, unless you’re a botanist or a gardener, that is. Enter, artificial plants!

Just because you don’t have green fingers, doesn’t mean you can’t have green plants in your house! Artificial plants are so low maintenance, we can’t help but having one in every room of the house. Here are a few easy ways to update your home décor is with artificial plants.

Make sure you buy high quality faux plants

Trust us, there is a big difference between good quality artificial plants, and bad quality faux plants. When you plan to update your home décor with artificial plants, make sure the plants you are buying are indeed high quality. The better the quality, the more real your faux plants will look! Look for the colour of the leaves, the look of the trunk or stem and the size of the leaves. Uneven sized and coloured leaves will make your artificial plants look more authentic in your home.

Make your artificial plants look more natural by placing them where you would put real plants

If you want to trick your guest to think the faux plants or trees are real, you have to place it in spots you would naturally place other indoor plants and trees. You can also make your fake plants look more real by using real dirt or soil.

Focus on lighting

Don’t buy an artificial plant and leave it in a dark corner of the house. Bad light will only accentuate the artificial plant. Instead, shed some light on the subject and move the plant into spots with natural light. This will show off the colouring of your artificial plant and help make it look more real.

Use artificial plants to your benefit

Cover unsightly sockets, or weird cracks in the wall, etc. by placing an artificial plant in front of it. A beautifully curated placement of your faux plants will draw the attention away from the ugly cables, sockets or cracks and will make the place look a lot neater.

Keep it clean

Treat your fake plants like you would real plants. Clean the leaves once a week to prevent dust build-up and to ensure your plant stays beautiful for longer. A simple duster, or a damp cloth will make your plants always look good as new.

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