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About Us

At HouzeComfort we goal is to offer you products and solutions that will turn your house into a home more close to your heart!

About Us…

Most of your time are spend at home and it should be your happy place. Like most moms we have multiple roles in the house and sometimes it does get a lot. It is during those times when I find my escape and happy place in my home by re-arranging and styling.

The challenge is I think we all want to be living in the houses we see in House & Home but we all have limited resources and money to do so. But you can do so much with your home by just making small changes and what I have seen, its usually the things that I don’t think will work, works best!

This led to the creation of HouzeComfort. In my search for some products and working with friends, we have put together some home products that I know will put a smile on your face when you add them to your home. We have carefully selected the items on our website and know that used right, it will look stunning in your house, without breaking the bank.

I will also ways be looking at what is next, so I want to invite you to join our social media pages to see what we have next for you!


Jandri Nell

Managing Director


Riana Mostert

Interior Designer


Jana Delport

Marketing Manager


Heinrich Nell

Supply Chain Manager

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